Where do we go from here?

I am sitting here this morning thinking about the Allelon Missional Order Meeting, the people we met, the conversations we had and I have to say , it was a very rich time. I think, as a couple, my wife and I have been deeply moved and inspired to live a different life. I am the type of guy who will get inspired, have 200 ideas of how to change and then do nothing so I am a little hesitant at the moment but I  am going to start small this time and go from there.

Time, Presence and Practices

These are three of the things that I think I will pay attention to.  I am trying to pay attention to what went wrong in the past and maybe learn from that.


Man, this is hard for me. The best ideas and intentions gets destroyed because of a lack of time management. I hate that term because of how it’s been used in the past, but in a very practical sense, the way you manage your time will play a roll in what you do and how you do it. For me it becomes time for war. I have to conquer the morning. I have to somehow find the courage to invade the golden hours of stillness and quiet, when the rest of the family sleeps. I think for the first time ever I want to do that. I feel as though “Morning Prayer” is patiently waiting for me and I have strong “Rembrandt’s Coffee” to help me out.


There’s a lot to say about this as well. For most of my life as a follower of Jesus, if that is what I did, it was all about me. Everything and anything I did was for me. In one way or another all my undertakings had to be of gain to me. So this time around I think I am not there for me. My presence, me being there, for the daily office is not about me, it is about the presence of another, and others. The thought of being with the Creator God, and saints around the world, with, most of the time, an agenda of nothing, nothing but presence, is new, strange and almost haunting.


Well, today, to begin with, it is about the Daily Office. I will for now, go at it Celtic Style, Thank you Northumbria. I love these prayers and having now more of a story to go along with the prayers is really cool. There is a poverty and “ordinarity”(if that’s a word?) about these prayers that I like.

well, off we go…


~ by Rickard on October 19, 2007.

12 Responses to “Where do we go from here?”

  1. I look forward to our journey together, brother! ‘Twas great to see you and your dear wife, again. Hugs to Lori and the kids.

  2. Rickard,

    I often suck at time management too… I like the observation someone made about that… you don’t manage time, you manage activities. Within the time I have, that makes sense to me ;^) This morning I’ve managed a bit of dwelling in Luke 10 already — it will be quite some time before I fully unpack all the stuff drifting around my brain from this past week.

    Welcome (back) to the blogosphere. I’m going to tell my kids that I’m now friends with “Rickard the Kindly Viking.” I’m sure you understand Veggie Tales references….

  3. Thank you for stopping by. It would be cool to do a dwelling in Luke Ten blogg-style some how. Any Ideas? Bill, you got any Ifeas?

  4. Rickard: Meeting you and your wife was one of the many bright spots at the gathering. Since you all are just down the road, I plan on coming by in 2008.

    May the peace of the tallest mountain
    And the peace of the smallest stone
    Be your peace.

    May the stillness of the stars
    watch over you.

    May the everlasting music of the wave
    Lull you to rest.

  5. Bizzarre. I was just wiping up the table after supper (I’m home now), thinking about my insight from Luke 10 this morning, and thinking about exactly that about continuing to dwell together in Luke 10.

  6. We could always do a SynchroBlog on the passage. Give those who want to participate the same two questions we had and let them post their responses. I’d be glad to coordinate such a SynchroBlog.

  7. I think the Synchroblog is a good Ifea (which is probably a little like an Ikea idea – I’m guessing.) 🙂 Some assembly required!

  8. I do think one of the important components of Dwelling in the Word is the “reasonably friendly stranger” aspect of it. The concept of listening the other into free speech. We so often want to share our own thoughts, ideas and agendas – which is why many of us blog. Is there a way for us to listen each other into free speech in a Synchroblog???

  9. Bill, I’m shocked that you would tease a poor immigrant in which English is his 2nd language ;-). Of course I was also quick to notice. I am excited of the ifea of a cyber dwelling in the word. Good point about the “reasonably friendly stranger”.

  10. Thanks for being so transparent about adapting the lessons you learned at the conference. If I may offer a couple of thoughts as you prepare to make some changes.
    1. Time management is really priority management. I heard that long ago, and found it more true than I want to admit.
    2. I find it hard to practice a new discipline if all it is is a new discipline or activity. Activities become rote and lose their urgency and then their discipline. Instead maybe it would be helpful to think about change. Set a measurable, realistic goal for being different than you were.
    3. What you are talking about is a lot of what I deal with in my client work. I use the diagrams found at – http://edbrenegar.typepad.com/HowToLeadThroughaTimeofTransition.pdf – as conversation tools. For example: Diagram 1 on transition is simply a picture of the transition point to help people recognize that in order to go to a higher level they have to change. Simply that. Diagram 2 asks four questions. You could ask these questions in reference to the change in discipline you describe about. What’s the impact? Who should be impacted? What opportunities will you have if you are successful in making these changes? And, lastly, and really most importantly for starting out, what problems have a I created that I need to address if I’m going to make it?

    Asking some simple, straight-forward questions changes the process from doing simply an activity to developing a new set of skills for life. Sort of like becoming a master craftsman, instead of just taking some medicine to get better.

    I hope you will share what you learn because we’ll all be blessed from it. The little bit I’ve read from the others who attended the conference makes me sorry I could go.

  11. Oh, I got lost in my thoughts about change and forgot to describe the last diagram.
    The third diagram – The Circle of Impact – describes how these changes can be holistically applied in our lives.
    1. The impact of our ideas. What are the new ideas that you now have that you want to have impact your life? Do you have a clearer sense of your mission or call from God? If not, then think about how these new ideas practiced in your life lead to the impact you can have as a follower of Christ.

    2. The impact of social and organizational structures. We all function inside of some organizational structure. A church, a business, a neighborhood, or a family. If we are not clear about our mission, that structure can be irrelevant to what our mission is. It is important that the organizations where we live are places where we can work out our mission. For example: If I’m called to serve AIDS patients, then working as a clerk in a retail store doesn’t make it easy for me to fulfill God’s call.

    3. The impact of our relationships. How do those ideas affect our relationships with others? Specially, how do you want your relationships with people to be different. What unites us with people are values. I’m assuming that in this idea of a missional order are values about how people are to relate to one another. What are those values and how are they translated into the behaviors we have we people? For example: How is honesty handled in a missional order?

    Ultimately, your call to mission and the values that unite you with people will lead to a vision for impact for how these people in relationship with one another within an organizational structure, in this sense a mission order will seek to achieve an impact that they share with one another.

    I hope this helps.

  12. The synchroblog is one idea and I would participate if there was one, but like Bill was suggesting, I’m not sure it captures the way that I would want to collaborate on it if we could. There was something interesting about hearing one another and sharing the other person’s ideas that was a good exercise… and it’s more personal than just launching a blog post into the ether.

    Whatever ideas we come up with, I’m game to see what transpires; we might just start something and let it morph.

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