What the Pumpkins taught us about God-life Part I

  So, ordinary life…We are preparing to celebrate Halloween. So we are carving Pumpkins today with the kids. God is in the ordinary, He is active where we haven’t been, He speaks through ordinary people, even children (especially children, my wife adds). So when we do ordinary things, we look, we listen, we wait, we are ready to be interrupted, surprised and awed.

  Back to the carving of pumpkins. As we are carving these beautiful things, we are talking as a family about what the pumpkin in saying about God and God-life. Here is what my wife and I learned from our kids and the pumpkin;

  • Pumpkins have hard shells to protect them from the wind, rain, cold and maybe even birds. In this context we talked a bit about the armor of God. We realized how the pumpkins probably were thankful for their shells, their hard exterior, so they could still live in the dirt, right there among the birds.
  • Pumpkins grow on the ground, on a vine so they can be nourished. We realized that we to are connected to a vine. My youngest son(7) said computers are sometimes hooked up together in a network which is like a vine. We realized that the vine/network we are connected to is a strange one. We are connected to God , to His people and to history. We remembered our vacation in Sweden two years ago,  sitting on almost 800 year old church pews made from oak in a strange but beautiful church from the13th century.
  • Pumpkins are full of seeds that you can eat. Seeds are cool. We were happy that the birds had not eaten the seeds.

~ by Rickard on October 20, 2007.

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