How did we start?

I remember getting the Celtic Book of Prayer, I think about three years ago. My wife agrees, that is our best estimation. It was hard for me at first because I was under the impression that any kind of organized prayer was for beginners or people without the Holy Spirit. (I am taking a moment, a pause if you will,  to reflect upon what an idiot I was…) What struck me at first was the simplicity and the history of it all. I did my own “in-depth” or as it is now know “google-study” on Celtic Christianity. I connected I think because of my viking, or Norse, or actually Swedish heritage.

The introduction to the rest of the family was sporadic and very experimental. Here and there…now and then…you get the picture. The next thing , I think, was making little prayer books, very simple little fold-at-the-top-leather-covered daily-prayer-back-pocket things. It only had morning, midday and evening prayers in it. I guess the nice thing with that was that it became very available. We would be at lunch or just out and about (dang , I would love to here Bill say that..) and there it was, in my back pocket, so we would just pray. So slowly and steady, still slowly and steady, it is just becoming  part of our lives.

Another thing I think we did right, in retrospect, was to involve the kids, give them leadership so to speak, Our youngest is in charge of starting us off with the sign of the cross( he was told by a friend of us that what that really meant was God in my head, God in my heart, and God on each side of me like a shield or armor of some sort. If you knew my son who is 7, his eyes lit up and now he takes that very serious. Then we just decide who does the canticle, the blessing etc etc. So basically we take turns. We have also done it over the cell-phone, if we run late in the morning, then the boy’s and I are on one end and Mom and our daughter is on the other, and via speaker phone, we share the daily office. We also spend a lot of time talking about what the prayers mean, share stories and frustrations and it seems that our kids are owning this practice as their own. So now then , at times we are reminded by our kids, that evening prayer is coming…so that’s pretty cool


~ by Rickard on October 23, 2007.

One Response to “How did we start?”

  1. Ya, da Schwede ist to be makin’ fun of my accent. Real nice, eh! {8-)>

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