Maybe a little context and imagination?

I think it has been helpful for our kids to get a little background and imagination for the daily prayer thing. So here’s a confession; we love the”Lord of the Rings” movies. Yes we do but what has that got to do with anything? Well, let me try to connect some dots. It was helpful and fun for the kids to hear about the Celts. A little bit of history. But it was also fun for them to get a “visual” of sorts in the Lord of the Rings movies. Now we have a little bit of some sort of context. Add to this a “soaking” in ordinary life. I think it’s time for an example;

We have learned that the Celts were a warrior people. We have watched the Lord of the Rings and have a little bit of understanding about “shields” and “swords”. We have conversations about what it would be to be surrounded by God if we were chased by evil things, or fighting a cave troll, or in the last battle in the “Return of the King. Then we try to see if we can identify the orchs, cave trolls and dangers of our own story. What are our weapons? So then as we go to school, what are the dangers lurking at Middle School? What about negative peer pressure as a huge cave troll? What are our weapons in combating that? Then, when we pray, “Christ as a shield overshadow me, Christ under me, Christ over me, Christ beside me on my left and my right” our kids enjoy the strange but beautiful context that have been created. Are we crazy? Is this allowed? Am I making sense?


~ by Rickard on October 23, 2007.

3 Responses to “Maybe a little context and imagination?”

  1. Hey Rickard. Just wanted to say “hi” (saw your blog via Bill Kinnon). Enjoyed our catch up @ Skamania. PAX

  2. Rickard,

    The Abbess is an over-the-top Tolkien fan (even developed a Tolkien module for a college lit class)…and the whole culture of the Rohirrim, particularly, is just that kind of thing! My 7th grade son is doing a report on weaponry and is reminded of all the wonderful things created by Weta for the movies.

    Rock on, dude…Tolkien can handle whatever anyone wants to dish out on just about any topic!

  3. […] the morning and evening ones. It takes a bit of talking about what some of the words mean, and on a tip from Rickard, we started imagining what it meant 1500 years ago to pray “Christ under me, Christ over me, […]

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