This morning was crazy. For some reason I had a hard time waking up. So did my wife. We were late getting up. So we stressed around tried to get everyone ready. So Morning Prayer was done via speaker phone as mom, our daughter and our youngest son were in the van on the way to school and work. My oldest son and I were here, at home. My son was, well, in and out of sleep, so to speak, laying on the couch, snoring during prayer. I had to take a minute to slow down, think about this morning and how I don’t like not “owning” the morning. I want to conquer the morning completely, get up early, read and listen to some soft music. “sigh” We are not there yet. I did read Brother Maynard’s post this morning about ordinary life and it was superb, check it out if you haven’t already. I also got tagged by Rick Meigs to do this 10-20-30 thing so here I go;

10 years ago. Our oldest son was 9 months old. We had just started the process of buying our house. We were really scattered. Since moving to Idaho from California, in two years, we had moved three times. We had a hard time finding our place in the church we attended. We were really excited about buying a house, longing to settle down, get plugged in. I had started to get involved in worship. 

20 years ago. I was living in Sweden, were I grew up. I was playing in a glam-rock band. That was my life, my dream, my everything. We were going to be famous, rock-stars, nothing was going to stop that. I visited the Greenbelt Festival in England. I was very confused spiritually. Church was a non-issue. The church I had grown up in was boring and irrelevant. My passport picture was horrible. I was getting my drivers licence.

30 Years ago Still coping with the death of my dad, getting ready for Middle School. Loving hockey. Playing pretty violent games, like Bicycle jousting, two brave knights riding toward each other on bikes with hockey sticks trying to knock each other off. We made armour of cardboard. Didn’t help much but looked cool. I think I had my first girlfriend, it was more like this, this girl, that I walked home from school, invited me and my friend to her house. Her best friend was there, they sat us down on the couch. The one girl, Pernilla was her name, I think, gave me a kiss and said we were boyfriend and girlfriend, my friend suffered the same fate, I was cool with that as long as it didn’t interfere with hockey or violent games. It did. She informed me a couple of days later that we had broken up.


~ by Rickard on October 24, 2007.

7 Responses to “Scattered”

  1. Hey, thanks for the link. And that’s hilarious… that Pernilla girl sounds pretty pernicious to me. I’m glad you didn’t end up with her, it seems to have worked out! ;^) I’ve been tagged on the 10-20-30 thing too, still have to write it. I’ve noticed some of these kinderbloggers don’t even have a “30”… you must be as old as me and the hills.

  2. Oh honey, you should have let me proof read this because you have some facts wrong. We had moved 5 times in less than 2 years. If you recall dear I think you made the comment that you weren’t moving your ass one more time;-)
    And I’m glad to Bro Maynard that he ended up with who he did. I paid a lot of $$ for him… mail order grooms are expensive, even in the sale section. LOL

  3. Lori, you’re so funny!!! Great response.

    I really need to get over to Eagle and spend some time with you guys.

  4. My dear wife, just remember “you started this”. If I was or wasn’t, a mail order groom we’ll leave alone for now but I do remember clearly our first “date” when you wanted to watch the movie “Green Card”. That’s all I’m going to say. 🙂

  5. Laughing out loud, over here. Really. That Andi McDowell….

  6. It was funny. I was sitting in her living room thinking to myself, “Is this a hint or something, we are watching ‘Green Card’ together, I don’t get it”? If I remember right, she, I guess was horrified. Out of all the movies she owned, she grabbed one, that just happened to be “Green Card”. Although, even saying that, I am still not sure. I think she was hinting and is now trying to cover things up.

  7. Um, my dear, you are a little thick. And I don’t just mean around the middle;-).
    I wasn’t a spring chicken as you know and I needed to move things along a little quicker.


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