Well, not really a disaster but close. Some alien took over our kids bodies and they ran crazy for Evening Prayer. I found myself just watching them thinking to myself “I should sell them. Not to a bad family, but I should sell them”. I found myself getting so angry with them, I think my wife had the same problem, so about half way through the Office I stopped. We had a conversation about respect, for each other, for what we are doing and it seemed to ease the tension. It was a very peaceful conversation without blame or shame and the kids responded well. We ended the Evening Prayer on a “good” note.

I love the Complines. I don’t know what it is but I love them. Our youngest son came into bed with us because his ankle was hurting and he laid between Lori and I as we prayed the Compline. He really liked it to. It was a sweet time.

For Midday prayer yesterday Mark, Jeanette, Lori, and I did the Mobil-phone- speaker-phone thing and it was very nice. I have found such beauty and richness in the Daily Office. Sharing Simplicity…

And now to something completely different, The whole Willow Creek thing, here my 5 cents. I am going to wait to say anything.

And now to something completely different part deux, I love my job. I was in tears yesterday at the Teen Center as we got to enjoy the visit of a group of self-proclaimed gansta’s. dressed in black, baggy pants and all that. Really cool guys. I think they were shocked at our hospitality. Didn’t really know what to do with it. They are so used to being judged and criticised that kindness, hospitality and friendship can feel a little awkward. Good times. One of them shared how in a year he’s lost his grandparents, an uncle and now two weeks ago his mom. The guy I work with told him that the Teen Center is a place where you can come and talk about this stuff and that we would love to share this pain with him. He said that was cool and that he needed a support system. We would have never made this connection if we had judged his music, sub-culture, way of dress, language and responded with rules they had to follow and dress-code and all that. Hospitality and friendship come with boundaries, but they are often softer and easier to understand. I also got to sit down and play card with this girl who has come to the teen center for two years now. When she first came, she would make anyone blush. She, by far, has had the worst language I have ever encountered and I worked construction for 7 years. O’boy, we have loved this girl. She has stretched us in ways I didn’t know was possible and now, yesterday as we are playing cards, we are making eye-contact for the first time in two years, I think there was a couple of F-bombs, and S-word here and there but in general very soft language and she’s smiling. Not smug and edgy but just smiling. It was awesome. We were talking again with some of the teens, about a group that meets and talks about God. I am excited about how this will pan out. Please pray for that if you will.


~ by Rickard on October 25, 2007.

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