Practices of the Ordinary

I just got in from throwing the football around with my boys at our neighborhood play-yard. Almost overwhelmed by the beauty and complexity of this I would like to share some of my thoughts.

Practices of the Ordinary.

It was humbling, fun, beautiful, rich, exciting to be with my boys, throwing the football. This was what I never took time to do. I was to busy with “church”. Beautiful complexity, I know we are just throwing the pig-skin around, but I have learned to look again, to look deeper. There are so many layers to this “Practise of the Ordinary”. My boys are learning to play football, we get to spend time together, to encourage each other, we are learning to deal with frustration, we learn to stick with things, we are learning to appreciate the simpler things in life, we are connecting all these things with God and the God-life. So we played for an hour, then huddled together in true football fashion and prayed, we thanked God for each other, for fun, for the beauty of fall, got the football and went home.

What’s so Missional about that?

Well, it was done in public. I saw the smiling faces, looking at us as we played. Two young mom’s with their kids, playing at the play ground. This playground is a wonderful “shared, common, public place. Neutral ground. A very interesting place to find out what God is up to in the neighborhood. Now we didn’t strike up conversation this time but I don’t think we always have to. I feel that this play-ground will be visited by our family more from now on.


~ by Rickard on October 27, 2007.

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