Church In A Public Place

Ok the title is not mine, it’s Mark’s. It is another one of those “Catch phrases” that we use not so much to explain what we are doing but more to stir imagination around what we are doing. I like to have phrases that can haunt my thinking and be there like a goat-head weed in my flip-flop, constantly reminding me about the journey we are on.                                                                                                              

  If ordinary life is the context for our spiritual formation, then ordinary things we do become the practices of our formation. So that means, for us, that celebrating birthday’s and anniversaries and things like that have gotten new depth and meaning.

  We were celebrating my son’s birthday at our very favorite coffeehouse, we brought in a large birthday cake, the lovely staff at the coffeehouse allowed us to use their plates and stuff so we can serve the cake. As we started to hand out birthday cake, we realized that there was people there, that we run into at the coffee house all the time and we found ourselves passing out birthday cake to these people to. I stood back and watched it all, and thought it was wonderful. There really is community starting to grow at our “Third Place”. We spend a lot of time there and do all kinds of stuff and we have gotten to know all kinds of people. There has been some wonderful conversation taking place and I am looking forward to what will happen.


~ by Rickard on November 5, 2007.

One Response to “Church In A Public Place”

  1. Cool! I can “see” the smiles on people’s faces as they receive cake …

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