A little something…

We were walking around a local Christian bookstore, and we don’t do that very often because my wife thinks I have a hard time behaving and I huff and puff to much and say things like “For crying out loud, that’s the dumbest Book title I’ve ever seen” or “Mam, do you have an every-other-day-Bible with a catch-up plan in the back” or “Mam, this book says I can know the Bible in 10 days, do you have one that does that for me in three, I’m a very busy man” or “Does your prayer of Jabez medallions come with any kind of guarantee” or “Sir, you don’t happen to have a book about the importance of really whacky hairstyles for TV preachers and their wifes, do you”, so my wife is probably right, I do have a slight attitude prob;lem when it comes to Christian Book stores but this day, as we were walking around, this little book caught my attention, because I recognized a Swedish name on the cover. I picked it up and it was this really cool little prayer book that came with some prayer beads. It is called “Pearls of life”.

I am going to attempt to share my thoughts about this little prayer book and how it is affecting my ordinary life.

Not today however…Tomorrow.


~ by Rickard on November 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “A little something…”

  1. dude! your journeys through the bookstore crack me up! i used to help out occasionally at a Christian bookstore, so i toooootally get it …

  2. A few years ago, Phyllis and I were in a Xian Bookstore. As cross-cultural wokers (AKA missionaries) home for a few weeks, I asked the store attendant where the “Missions Section” was. With a puzzled look, she answered, “Well, we don’t actually have a “missions section.” But there might be a book on missions in out “Evangelism Section.” It’s in the back on the very bottom shelf.”


  3. See honey, even you can find something of value at the christian bookstore…

    Brad, Rickard isn’t exaggerating to much, that’s pretty much how it goes. It’s sooooo embarrassing

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