Thanksgiving Blues

O well, I had just made myself a huge turkey, stuffing and some mayo sandwich. I sat down to listen to some extra material from U2’s re-release of The Joshua Tree. I listened to Wave of Sorrows. Lost my appetite, not because the song was bad but because it hit an already sore nerve I guess. My family and I are getting ready for Christmas. I like Christmas in general, but this year I am having issues. The pain of this world is getting to me. Not only starvation and aids in Africa, but even the pain present in the lives of our teens where I work. So much hopelessness. No real reasons for celebration. Extravagant displays of consumerism will attempt to lessen the pain and despair of some of our teens. They will get a new i-pod maybe, a new phone with some cool features, some cool clothes. This will of course not even begin to deal with the issues they have but for a moment things will feel better. Mom and Dad are still divorced, dad is still in jail, Mom is still an alcoholic, Foster home situation is almost unbearable, Still being teased and bullied, the list of these kinds of things could go on for a while.

What we offer is simple.  Tons of authentic engagement. We dive in to the pain of these teens. In a very real way. We listen, try to understand and we offer s empathy. There has been a lot of hugs lately. Some tears. Some suggestions and nudges towards change. Somewhere in all that there is hope, in the most mysterious way. Maybe it’s a fool’s hope. You can see it in their eyes, some sort of glimmer.  Which I think is why so many of our teens avoid eye contact. If you really spend time with someone and know them, the eyes are a window to the soul, as they say. We know what goes on in their life, we know these teens, and their eyes tell the story sometimes. Other times the lack of eye contact also tell a story. Anyways, tough times for me, it will be tougher the closer we get to Christmas.

On a more positive note. I am so proud of my wife. She is becoming such a little blogger queen. She loves it, she is very consistent. She’s got lots to say. If you haven’t already check her blog out at


~ by Rickard on November 29, 2007.

One Response to “Thanksgiving Blues”

  1. Presence, man. Presence.

    Grace & Peace to you, my friend.

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