Over 1000

Congratulations thevikingfru! Over 1000 hits on your blog. You are so awesome baby. Not that numbers are important but still. Just Remember, I was your friend when you only had a couple of hits a day 🙂

I am still writing my advent post. It’s taking awhile because this year this season is really getting to me. Be patient. I may blog later tonight.

I did have a thought on something completely different; Do you think God sometimes wishes He only spoke through donkeys? They don’t write books about how God mightily used them and then go on a conference tour and charge people a couple of hundred bucks so they can hear the story again and charge an extra $40 dollars for a work book so “you too” can be equally used by God. Then, a year or so later, sell the same book, but now for women, then later, the same book for teens, and then later, the same book for seniors… 


~ by Rickard on December 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “Over 1000”

  1. HEEEE-haaaaaawwww!

    Rickard – sounds like you have you been inspired by a recent trip to the christian bookstore! I truly lookforward to your products, but hey, I didn’t see any plans about website and webinars with google ads and such to round out the equation. Is that in your strategy, too? And speaking of strategy for starting a movement, do you have a name yet? If not, howzabout “Donkey Haute Me.” It’s similar enough to piggyback (oooh! another related barnyard reference! that’s good for cohort or down-line marketing!) on the “Supersize Me: slogan. Anyone else for tilting at windmills?

    Thanks, Rickard – I feel inspired!

    P.S. When does the Baby Genius Donkeydom version hit the shelves?

  2. Brad, Brad, don’t get me started…:)

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