We have a new kid at the Teen Center. Great guy. He’s a short guy, a little shy. Geekyand fun(I think the geeks at our teen center are the most courageous ones, they are not all wrapped up in the “being-cool-game”. They are just who they are and that’s takes courage). I got to spend some time with him today, we had a “Saddest song contest”. We basically compete in who can pick the saddest song off of You-Tube. We were three teens and myself competing. The first song was a song picked by our “geek” friend. He picked the song “How to save a life” by the band The Fray. Sad song, we had a good talk about that song. The next song picked by another teen was a song by the band “Bowling for Soup”. That song was called “When we die” and it’s about Father-Son relationship. Very sad. The whole little group of teens and myself got into a very deep conversation about this. That’s when it happened.  Our little geek friend told us his mom and dad died in a traffic accident a few years back. He now lived with his grand parents. So he had some things to say about Father-Son relationships or lack there of. We were all stunned. What do you say at that moment? What words of hope do you share? Maybe give the guy a book on “5 Easy steps to dealing with that you are growing up without your parents”. Or give him a freakin’ “Heaven Is Easy” button? Anywho… The next song was from the band Kiss and is called “I still love you” and had to do with girlfriend trouble. I then played the song “One tree hill” by U2. Together with this little group of very different teens, we tried to work some of this out. This small group of much dysfunction and pain showed an amazing love and support for each other. I learned something from them. This was one of those very painful but wonderful moments I have developed such a love-hate relationship with.  I drove home somewhat emotionally drained. Some days are more draining than others. This was a tough one. 

Waiting for…


~ by Rickard on December 5, 2007.

4 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. Thanks for this, brother.

  2. Thanks for a glimpse at what being the church can look like.

  3. Thanks for the link to your blog. I’ll be back!

  4. Hey Chad, thanks for stopping by the blog.

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