Maybe there is someting to this holiday after all…

Deep pain, emotional distress, soul frustration and discontent; more stuff about my work at the Teen center? Nopp, I spent Saturday hanging up Christmas Lights. Our house and my in-laws house. Man…I’m not even sure I like Christmas. Our house looks nice however. Our street looks nice. As I, grumbling and complaining , am putting up Christmas light on our house, my neighbor came up and started talking. We talked for about half an hour. Not about Christmas lights but about his life. He’s going through a divorce. I ended up inviting him to our house for our Christmas Eve party, filled with Swedish food and fun. As he left to go inside, it was freezing cold(no offense my Canadian friends, I know it’s colder in Canada, but for Star Idaho, it was cold) I was struck, again, by how ordinary life comes with so many “built in” opportunities to be with people. I spent a lot of time that night thinking about how my own discontent and protest against certain things may become a road block for being with people and returning back into my neighborhood. Let me explain, if I can 🙂 

I can’t stand the commercialisation and secularization of Christmas. I am wondering however, if I completely close myself off to this season and all of it’s practices, do I run the risk of closing  myself off to people around me? I am deeply just tired off Santa Claus but people gather around this symbol and kids find something magical about him. Is there space in what has become a truly twisted holiday for God’s people to mingle and celebrate with people, things we agree to celebrate? Friendship, giving, family, these things we can celebrate, can’t we?

Let me try to tie things up. By decorating my house I got to spend time with my neighbor, by going to Wal-mart for Christmas shopping, I get to connect with friends and neighbors, it seems like we always meet people there, I myself will be Santa Claus at our wonderful coffeehouse this week, we will get to mingle with all kinds of people, play a roll in keeping the “magic” of Christmas for kids, we get to hang out with our friends at the coffeehouse, this is all good, right? The Kingdom advances through relationships, am I right?

I got to do more thinking…


~ by Rickard on December 9, 2007.

5 Responses to “Maybe there is someting to this holiday after all…”

  1. Why is it you think you have friends in Canada? Especially when you take off your shirt and star in a Swedish rock band video. 🙂

    Another great post, Rickard. Might I suggest you also consider creating a Swedish language version – this is great stuff.

    And did I mention, I really like the WordPress theme you’ve chosen for this blog.

  2. Good insights, Rickard. And oh how I wish we could be there to see the Viking Santa Claus. ;^)

  3. He’s a damn sexy santa;-)

  4. You are a good writer…I think you will make a great santa;)

  5. Hey Anna-Sara. Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by my blog.

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