Letters from Lent

O yeah, I forgot I had a blog.

Our little church is doing a pretty cool thing for Lent. We will start on Ash Wednesday with a little quiet get together. We then will have a different theme for each week for Lent. We will do some soul searching together. So we will examine our hearts and talk about SIN.  I know, doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun but I am excited. I like the context for our discussion. We will try to bring SIN out of a just moral context and see if we can somehow land it on the ground so to speak. We will talk about the impact of sin and how it impacts our lives, our neighborhoods and the world. We will talk about how it effects our relationships. We will try to be honest. I’ll keep you posted.

We are currently doing homework for Church. We will continue that for Lent. We will as families discuss the Sin issue for the week. For example, the first week we will talk about “Selfishness”. Each family will get a post card with the home work on it. At home each family will discuss “Selfishness” and then writes a little confession about “Selfishness”. Each family then bring this confession post card and we will post them on a wall. Our Sunday gathering will contain discussions about the SIN of the week so to speak, but in a larger context. The thought behind this is to start looking at SIN in our own hearts before we look the world and point fingers. We will also on our Sunday gatherings remind our selves that Easter is coming. SIN will be dealt with by a merciful God.

I am really appreciating our effort to follow the Church calender. We are very new to it but I think it will bring us some well needed structure and rhythm. If you know of any resources for observing the Church year please let me know.


~ by Rickard on January 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Letters from Lent”

  1. Greetings

    Thanks for this blog.
    I will soon write a post on why Ash Wednesday is so early this year.
    There are lots of Lent resources and ideas at http://www.liturgy.co.nz/

  2. Thank you so much Liturgee. That website did have a lot of good stuff

  3. […] Vikingson’s Place wrote an interesting post today on Letters from LentHere’s a quick excerptWe will also on our Sunday gatherings remind our selves that Easter is coming…. […]

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