Heaven, Hell and Silly Random Questions

So, today at the Teen Center there were only girls around the table to begin with, well the guy I work with and I would count as guys I guess. What grew out of easy conversation about school, hot guys and homework, was a rich, deep conversation about death. One of the girls lost her dad last year to stomach cancer, partially due to drug use. Another girl’s dad is dying due to a heart condition and had lost her favorite uncle a few years ago. The third and last girl around the table, her dad, well… step-dad, was not a subject she was willing to discuss. She was however dealing with feelings of loss and some sort of “death” due to divorce. We shared, like I said, a deep rich, sad conversation about death and how sometimes places, songs and people remind us of the people we have lost. I told the story of a visit to the cemetery where my dad and grandparents are buried and how I was overwhelmed with emotions. One girl asked for permission to play her dad’s song and she said she promised not to cry. She looked very relieved when we told her that it was fine if she cried and that we may cry with her. So together, somewhat misty eyed, we listened to “Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door” Guns & Roses style. A beautiful moment of silence followed and then we started talking about heaven. What do we believe, or not, about heaven. One girl believed there is a heaven but didn’t have much to say about it, which we explained to her was fine. No need for clear answers. The next girl had lots to say about it. She believes our collective positive memories becomes at death our own personal heaven. A very spiritual universe, where she can do whatever she wants, and only good things happen, because she is only a memory, or spirit, she can travel across this universe at will. We encouraged her by appreciating the fact that she had put such effort into thinking about this and asked her lots of questions. Not to prove her wrong or point out faults but to make sure we had understood her beliefs. We then shared what we believed and went on to do the same thing with hell. A common thing among the two girls, one had to leave, was that there probably would have to be a hell because what if people didn’t like god and heaven, it would be really “sucky” to stay there forever. So they thought that, although kinda creepy, there’s probably room for a hell in their thinking. Plus the fact that really creepy, evil people should not be allowed in to heaven, it would kinda ruin things. Another girl had to leave, one girl went to play some pool. A “new” girl joined us on the couches and the reponse to our questions about heaven or hell was a little chilling. “I don’t care, there probably is a heaven and a hell, but I’m gonna do what I gonna do and then god can whatever he wants to. Noone will or can control me. I’m my own”.

We then gathered on the couches for a time of “Absolute Random and Whimsical Questions”. Here are some examples; “If you were stuck in a room full of colored balls, what song would you sing?” or “Would you rather be able to taste colors or see flavors?” or “What would you rather eat, a teaspoon of puss or a scab off of someones wound?”.

It may seem like the last part was un-necessary but we have found that humor can be a great tool, a chance to connect and a great way to end the day


~ by Rickard on April 1, 2008.

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