She is a very cute and bubbly 13 year old. At first, you may think she is ADD to the max. She flies around, changes the subject a lot, says very random things. She wanders off at times and ends up in places she shouldn’t be. She really does not like to be told what to do. I think a lot of people stop there. It takes quite an effort to have any sort of meaningful conversations and interactions with her. At the Teen Center however, we believe that the harder the teen is to get along with, the more akward and weird the teen is, the more the teen rubs us the wrong way, the more time and energy we will spend with them. We consider them sent to us by God. A gift, sometimes in very strange wrapping.

Today, at the first day of our Summer Day Camp, Xtreme 678 , I got to spend some time with this young girl, this gift from God, in very strange wrapping. We played chess. She didn’t really know how. She moved pieces the wrong way, she laughed at me when I tried to teach her, she made eye contact. This may not seem like such a big deal but if you knew her history you would understand. She lives in a foster home. She was put there because of horrible abuse. Unspeakable things done to her as she was growing up.

There is this strange place, this hard to explain thing that happens, when a  teen knows that you know, when without words, through eye contact, you somehow share their story, as eyes well up with tears and a disarming silence is shared, and somehow, somehow, a little bit of peace and hope is found. It is amazing how much can be said without words. It is amazing how well things can be communicated through presence, time and silence.

She needs healing. Lots of it. Her world is complete chaos. Her world is a raging hurricane of emotions and pain, suffering and evil. Her world is darkness. We don’t wait on the outside for her to figure things out, for her to clean up her act, for her to “mature”.

She is sent to us. By her Maker. For us to take on the hurricane in her life head on. Where there is darkness, we will be light, where there is pain, we will be healing balm, where men have almost destroyed her self image completely, we will rebuild from the ashes, with the help from her Maker, the beautiful gift to the world that she was meant to be. We will share her pain, we will ease her suffering, we will show her what a father should be, we will show her how a young girl should be treated.

We will push back the evil in her life, one smile at the time, on gentle hug at the time, minute after minute spent listening to her stories, time after time telling her how beautiful she is…


~ by Rickard on June 6, 2008.

One Response to “Pain”

  1. wow, may God grant you the gift of patience and a special love for this little one.

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