Well…here’s the link to the video that started the thing. Here’s the link to the follow up Letter from one Mr. Moore. It’s not fresh of the presses, but I’m slow when it comes to political dog fighting. Well…I didn’t think the video was very mean-spirited at all, clumsy and inappropriate…YES…and Mr. Moore’s letter… well…I found it interesting but somewhat self-centered and self-righteous but nothing to get all upset about. So where’s the dog-fighting? On the blogs! Oh my word…do a search and go to some of the websites. People got really angry about this. It is amazing to read. There are lots of Republicans who don’t like Democrats and Democrats not liking republicans. Sometimes it borders on hatred.

My wife and I have turned purple, I think. We are not as Conservative as we used to be. We have lots of friends who are die hard, you should see some of the e-mails I get. I find myself in a sort of no-mans-land. Having moved towards the Democratic side of things but still very pro-life. I have friends on both sides not understanding my political positions. If I am a Christian, I should be pro-life and vote Republican or If I am a Christian I should let the woman choose and vote Democrat. I apparently can’t have it both ways. I know one thing though, I want to become better at listening to people, give more space for people to disagree and try not to get sucked in to the dog fight myself, so…in leau of the video and open letter to God

God, would You lead us in these times of decision and election, would you help us hear clearly from You and from the people trying to be elected.

Would you keep all the presidential and vice presidential candidates safe and sound.

Would You protect them and their families.

Would You give them the courage to keep a civil and fear free debate.

Would You give them open hearts and listening ears.

Would You help them unite us.

Would You give them the strength to lead the way in respecting people with different opinions

Would You help them be passionate without rudeness

Would You most of all, have mercy upon this nation

In the Name of the Father,

and of the Son,

and of the Holy Spirit



~ by Rickard on September 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “Dogfight”

  1. My sentiments exactly. I am putting this on my Facebook Notes. Thank you.

  2. And to your prayer, a hearty “amen” – let it so be!

    As to the link, I’m foregoing it at the mo, but thanks for posting it for later. Call it compassion fatigure or something more exotic and perhaps Latin and appropriately disease-y sounding like ‘neglectus melodramaticus,’ but after the past few weeks of post-apostles-and-Lakelandia, I’m on overload!

  3. And The Abbess joins Brad in an equally hearty “amen”! …also saving the link for a look at a time when I’m less wound up about the whole thing.

    I am still looking for those who will listen to all and hear and recognize the truth wherever it shows up. I am guardedly optimistic….

  4. when I read that you ‘had turned purple’ I initially thought that was from frustrated anger lol
    then I realised, the mix of red and blue lol

  5. I probably should have clarified “purple” 🙂
    People could think I have turned into Barney

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